Aunty Sandra, Slimming, Evernote

Aunty Sandra is still hanging in there, just a slow progressive deterioration.

Connie at work commented that I am looking slimmer these days. Just the boost I needed as I’ve eaten more junk this week than I should have. It’s nice to know the hard work to loose weight is paying off, but I still have further to go, I won’t give up now!

I think I’ve finally found the notes/lists/to do manager I have been wanting for ages in the form of EVERNOTE. It syncronises across all my computers (work & home), devices (iPhone & iPad) and has full web access; plus it’s free for up to 40MB of data traffic which is plenty for my needs. I’ve used it for over a year but never properly understood it’s capabilities and functionality, but I’m glad I finally have. I can split all my notes into various notebooks, i.e. shopping, to dos, ideas, etc and store a wide range of info and media, such as audio records, pictures and typed notes. It really is an extension to my brain that is easy to search and recall info from. I really like it.