2016 in review

I tried a fountain pen ink sample subscription. Read 31 books Created an Adobe Indesign and PDF tutorial that now has 8600 view on YouTube Books Bought Mindful Meditation Rags & Bones – Short Stories Conversations with Myself – Nelson Mandela Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo Callanish – William Horton Fred Green Tomatoes –

2015 in Summary

Wow 2015 has been INSANE! Overall it’s been an amazing year. January 5th Jan – Pete started a new job in Digital Operations 7th Jan – Gilbert, a long standing friend of Pete’s father, passed away. 9th Jan – Contracts were exchanged to purchase our first house 16th Jan – We got the key to

Lists of Lists

Have I mentioned how much I like lists? Well I do. I like lists, a lot. Listing things make me feel really organised and clears my head. One of the other things I love about Bullet Journalling is compiling brain dumps into lists. Lists about music, travel, food, wish lists, anything! If you are list

Share Your World – 2014 Week 23

This is my first time participating in Share Your World 🙂 I’m sure it won’t be the last. 🙂 Would your rather be stuck in a small plane with mild turbulence for 2 hours or be a passenger in a car racing the Daytona 500? Definitely be a passenger in a Daytona 500 Car. I

Bullet Journalling

So it started when I clicked a Book Riot article and started adding some books to my goodreads reading list, then I bookmarked the page in Instapaper, then decided to organise my Instapaper a bit and move articles in folders. Then I spotted a saved article from Lifehacker about journalling and opened it, which sidetracked

Present Ponderings – Sun 11 May ’14

For a while I’ve been trying to think of a recurring post I can use for a quick post and update about what I’m up to at any given time. Back in the yesteryear of my website I had a small area just called “Current” where I listed what was current for that day. Since I