Job Change

I’m changing jobs! So I’ve mentioned I got a job transfer down to Milton Keynes at the end of last year because of Pete’s new job. I have remained a part of the Business Test Team based in Stafford, and have been the only member working away from the team. So I’ve been doing work

2012 in Summary

This is long overdue! I started preping this post at the end of Dec and now here we are heading into the end of Feb nearly! Oops! Anyway… 2012 in summary: January Not a lot. Nothing actually, but who the hell has money to do anything in January right? February 2nd – Rammstein Concert    

TCT Charity run training.

Our first training session at The Chase. We did about 5 km in about and hour alternating between 1 minute of running then 1 minute of waking. We plan to do it again on Saturday and hopefully plot the full 5 miles. My legs are tired now. I’m hoping I don’t suffer to much with

Sore ankles

Well all the running training is taking its toll in my ankles. The achilles tendons have been very tight and painful since last week and having had feedback from my runner friends in FB I need to give them a rest. It a shame as we’ve only got 1 month to go before our actual

2010 in Summary

2010 was certainly a year of high highs and low lows for me. January We brought in 2010 in South Africa will all our friends and family @ Julian & Belinda’s house for a fantastic casino night. A group of my friends, family and myself all got tattooed together. My Brother, Mum, Myself. Belinda &