Job Change

I’m changing jobs!

So I’ve mentioned I got a job transfer down to Milton Keynes at the end of last year because of Pete’s new job. I have remained a part of the Business Test Team based in Stafford, and have been the only member working away from the team. So I’ve been doing work as dedicated resource for another part of the company based in Milton Keynes. As such it’s been kinda difficult being away from my colleagues and the accompanying support structure, but it’s been OK and I’ve just got on with it. It’s actually been a great learning curve too and I learned that I can actually do this job. My confidence as a Test Analyst was definitely lacking when I was in Stafford and there a various reasons why, but the move down here pushed me so stand on my own two feet. It’s been good. Financially however, I’ve been struggling a bit. I had to buy a car so that I wasn’t dependent on Pete anymore and didn’t have to wait around after work for him, and likewise put pressure on him to finish at 5pm if he still had stuff to do. So I bought my BMW.  This meant I was financially worse of for the move down here. It’s not been terrible but each month I’ve been scrapping by.

Now the team I work for down here has two parts. One is the Customer Delivery Team that looks after our own internal systems and that’s what I’ve been testing the most, and then the E-Commerce Team which manages and maintains the bespoke rewards websites that we offer for our business clients. When I was first told about the job on the E-Commerce Team (directly by LS on that team) I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure is I wanted to be in Web Design and thought that the business knowledge I was gaining in my current role would fair me better in the long run. But the more I heard about the job and thought about it, I started to change my mind. I realised that even though I was fairly happy in my current job, I don’t want to do User Acceptance Testing for the long term. There are even aspects to the job that I hate (Documentation & scripting, I’m looking at you!), and the more I thought about it I knew I’d be much happier doing something more creative. The new job title is E-Commerce Web Content Editor and it’s helping to manage the general layout and content of the 60-odd sites we currently run and any new ones. The skills I currently have around the job requirements were a good fit and it’s not too intense that I didn’t think I was capable, plus the team itself is a great bunch of people that I already know I can work well with. It was also mean a nice little salary increase. Bonus!

So I decided to go for it. The Team Manager and LS who had told me about the position had already showed interest in me applying which helped boost my confidence, but I was still nervous for the interview. I needn’t have been. It went really well and lasted for nearly 2 hours which is always a good sign. It felt more like a relaxed chat with friends rather than a rigid formal interview. I walked out feeling good. The following morning LS asked for a chat to give me feedback on it, and I was told the job was mine if I wanted it! I immediately accepted.

So soon I will be moving over to that team and getting back into the swing of working on web content. I can’t wait! LS will be my line manager, who used to do the same job by herself, and I know I’m going to enjoy it. 🙂