Macayla is Born!!

Last night my niece Macayla was born!!

Yes, I am finally an Aunty 🙂 My Brother’s wife, Haylie had originally been booked in for a C Section on 18th October, but little Mac decided she didn’t want to wait that long and Haylie’s waters broke last night. My brother txt me at 21:32 last night with a photo of Haylie to say they were at the hospital and were having the baby tonight. Obviously I was surprised as we didn’t expect her this soon, but she was delivered by C Section 2 hours later! My Mum phoned me immediately to tell me I am an Aunty, and we both just cried for joy 🙂 She’s 3.1 Kgs and perfectly healthy. I’m so, so, so happy. Words just can’t express it. It’s times like this I really hate being so very far away.  I wish I was there to give her a kiss myself, but I’ll have to rely on photos, txts, emails and facebook for now.

Haylie in Hospital

Hellow World!

Proud Dad

Pure Love