Nostalgia of the Changing Seasons

Today is the first wintery feeling day. 2 Weeks ago was the first day I felt the shift from summer to autumn, but today it’s definitely wintery. I was breathing thick mist on my way to work this morning.

When I feel the shift in the changing seasons I always feel strange. It almost feels like a deep sense of nostalgia. As soon as you feel the change it’s like a rush of memories from winters or summers past. I used to get the same feeling in South Africa with the changing seasons, but it’s much much stronger here in England. It’s quite a hard feeling to describe really, it’s a rather intense emotional one, but deeply rooted to the seasons and climate. And a nice feeling too. Isn’t it strange? I feel like a bit of a hippy going on about it like this really.

Today this feeling reminds me of going to House-sit for Pete’s cousin Bergitte in Whitchurch. They usually go away in November and we’ve looked after their house for the last 2 years. I wonder if they will this year. Red wine, low light and a log fire. It’s sheer heaven!