Happies & Crappies – 01 – 06 Mar ’14

Happy + I’m still listening to audiobooks and and now onto my 3rd book in 2 weeks. I listened to The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger last week and it was fantastic! I’d highly recommend it, even if you have seen the film. There so much more to the story and I just fell in […]

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Happies & Crappies – 15 – 21 Feb ’14

Ahhh it’s friday! Don’t we all love Fridays? The promise of the weekend ahead, wine, lying in bed and unknown adventures! Though truthfully for me it’s often laziness, potentially a hangover and boredom. Ha! I need a hobby. The past week in summary… Happy + It’s only 3 week to go until We get to […]

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My top 5 iPhone apps

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I love my iPhone. I’ve been an iPhone user since the first gen was released in 2007. As soon as I saw the TV advert for it I knew I would own one and bought it very soon after that. I finally owned the device I’d always […]

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Move, lump & tattoo

So in my last post I mentioned that we were having troubles with teenagers causing us stress at our flat, and that we would be moving. We have since moved into a lovely little 2 bedroom house in a nice quiet cul-de-sac, and the only noise we hear is our next door neighbours kid running […]

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The week in review – Moving, dentist & OMG there’s a lump in my armpit!

So I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, just on Facebook, that we’ve had some trouble with teenagers in our area. We live above a shop and naturally kids tend to hang out outside of it, which basically means right below our lounge window. That’s fine (mostly), but the little fuckers think it’s ok to […]

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Last week.

I did my first fully sponged nail gradient. Pete and I each bought an iPhone 5S. We visited Pete’s cousin for his aunt Sigrid’s birthday over the weekend, and I took shit loads of photos and video with my awesome new iPhone camera. I’m loving the slow motion video feature!

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Pet Peeves

So after reading this post by Ché I was inspired to share my own pet peeves after I had to endure one of them today. One of my colleagues was in the office, who is very rarely there (he’s field based) and he has this horrible habit that really, I mean REALLY, get under my skin. […]


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Life as it stands – freedom

Tonight (Sunday, 23:03) I said to Pete “I wish it was Saturday night again. I don’t want to go to bed”, and then he made a very good point. Our life if not exactly hard or stressful at the moment. We go to work, then come home and have the whole evening to ourselves. We […]

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Violetsteel.com Temporarily Broken

Oh my goodness. I only got to bed at about 1:15 am last night because I managed to break my WordPress install. I used to have my homepage redirecting to the WordPress install I had in a sub-folder, and yesterday evening decided to do away with the redirect and just have WordPress as my front […]

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Steampunk Manicure Using Actual Watch Parts

So even though I don’t post about it much I am still buying nail varnish and painting my nails like a woman possessed. Today I was creating a double page for my gorgeous niece, Macayla, in my Smash Book when I was hit with the inspiration to use watch parts so create a steampunk manicure! I […]

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