Slipping in public, Sean Locke, Karaoke @ Janine’s

Friday night we went to see a comedian in Wolverhampton. We had front row seats for Sean Locke’s Lockipedia Tour. We were making our was to our seats when I slipped on our way down the centre isle. It happened really really quickly, one moment I was walking, and the next thing I was on the floor. I think it was polish on the floor I slipped on because I didn’t twist my ankle or anything, my feet just went sideways from under me. Thankfully it was near the back so not very many people saw, but those nearby turned in their seats. A few girls asked if I was ok, while I was still processing what had just happened and started getting to my feet. Very embarrassing! A member of staff was next to me like a shot and insisted I go with her to their little emergency room to be checked by on site paramedics and so they could log it in their accident book. I fell pretty hard, landing on my right side. I bashed my elbow and hip quite hard, but currently no bruising has appeared, just all the muscles down my right side are strained so it feels like I’ve done a 1000 pushups with one arm.
We went on to enjoy the show though and had some good laughs. Not the very best comedian we have seen. There were some parts that were hilarious, and other bits that I just didn’t find funny. But all in all it was a good night out.

Saturday night we went around to my cousin Janine’s for supper and drink. We had a  right laugh and ended up singing Karaoke through Virgin Media. It was great. When we got home Pete and I discovered we also have access to karaoke through Our Virgin Media box too! 🙂