Smiling Dream, Secret Agent Training, Dinner with Pete

A strange day at work today. I had a dream that I was walking down a road and there was a guy that I knew in my dream (not in real life though) and he was saying I should smile, as I used to smile all the time and now I don’t. It got me thinking that that is actually true. I need to smile all the time again, and be the positive person I used to be before the real world disillusioned me.

The x* guys were doing a training exercise at our offices again today. They are basically high level private security guys that protect high profile people, that come to carry out fictitious security scenarios, and train and survey as if it were a real situation. They are basically guys in suits and ear pieces, that walk around looking at the building, taking photos and analyze security risks; and pretending they have to protect our boss from an imminent threat. It’s always quite strange and secretive when they come. They come here because one of the senior trainers is friends with our boss.
(* it’s a secret!)

Pete emailed me asking if I wanted to go out for dinner with him tonight. I’m looking forward to that 🙂