Sternum Microdermal

So I finally bit the bullet and had my Sternum Microdermal done!

My friend Beth lives near Brighton and she had previously mentioned a studio called Punktured. I’d looked them up online a while ago and was very happy with what I saw, and most pleased that they do microdermals using the punch method as this was my preferred method. Circumstances had it that I was able to visit her today (I live 3 hrs away) and decided to take the opportunity and inquire about getting it done. After a bit of a chat I decided to go ahead and they had time to do it right then.

J did it for me and the procedure itself was smooth and quick. She marked me up, erased, remarked and showed me. I asked for it to be moved a smidge to the right, which she happily did, and I gave the final approval to go ahead. She had me sit on the chair and then lowered me into a reclined position. She explained she was going to have a quick feel of the tissue in the area, which was very brief, then got the punch and asked if I was ready. She had the skin pinched and had me do the usual deep breath and punched on my slow exhale. The punch itself was fairly similar to getting pierced, a very quick pain but over as soon as it’s started. She held gauze on the new hole for a few seconds and dabbed the blood away. She told me she would do some gentle testing with the jewelry (she had in one of those purpose-made microdermal holders) to find the best position for the foot, and this was quick and I hardly felt it. She asked it I was ready for insertion and again had me take a deep breath. On my exhale she inserted the jewelry, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. I felt a very intense pain that radiated out to my armpits and lots of pressure, but again it was over as soon as it started and I didn’t even really have time to wince. A split second and it was in, and I think she may have put mild pressure of it for a few seconds immediately after to eased that brief sharp pain. She announced I was done and let me chill for a bit before slowly tilting the chair up again. After checking it out and grinning madly for a bit I thanked J and tipped her which she seemed genuinely flattered about.

The entire procedure from marking to “Ok Gina, you are done!” took exactly 5 minutes, I know from the photos’ EXIF data ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I would do it again at this wonderful shop without hesitation. Seriously, if you ever in the area just pop in even if only to say “Hi!” to the friendly staff. I’ve been to numerous piercing studios and this is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The staff were happy to chat and answered all my questions before hand, and once I committed and had signed the forms they make a point of using your first name, which I found to be a warming, friendly and personal touch that made me feel like I was their main focus while I was in their services and that they actually cared about me. I wasn’t rushed at all after the procedure and could take all the time I liked gathering myself and coo’ing over my new jewelry, and had a bit of chatter and a good laugh with J afterwards. All round fantastic! I’m very very happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚