I did some yoga last night before going to bed and did 3 Sun Salutes before work. Definitely nice to have a good stretch in the morning, and it certainly gets the blood flowing. Got home this evening and did another hour and a half following the yoga for dummies video. I’d really recommend it […]

coloured Contact Lenses, 30th Party & Yoga

Pete was working away from home the weekend just gone, they had a catalogue launch in Widnes nr Liverpool. Becky kept me company some of the weekend though and we went to watch Twilight Eclipse for the 3rd time in cinema. Yes we are somewhat obsessed. I think we are going leave it at that […]

Work Stress, energy & budgeting

I’m really glad it’s friday. On a friday morning I wake up already feeling happier just knowing the weekend is a few hours away. It’s been a stressful week at work. Aside from my horrible day on Wednesday, almost everyone on the company has had their work cut to 4 days a week, thus loosing […]

Cancer is a bastard

Life has turned upside down once again. My Aunty Sandra has been very ill for quite some time now and the doctors have done numerous tests on her trying to find out what’s wrong. After being cleared for cancer a month ago, on Wednesday 2nd last week she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It’s already too severe to treat, being in her bones, lungs & lymph nodes.


In the past month people have started to notice I’ve lost weight. Yaaay! It really makes me feel so good and encourages me to keep at it. Gym tonight again. 🙂


I’ve been unhappy with the weight I’ve gained over the past few years and over the last 6 months or so I’ve been working to do something about it. I started by joining My Fitness Pal and started counting my calorie intake. I know this can seem really complicated to most people but this site […]