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coloured Contact Lenses, 30th Party & Yoga

Pete was working away from home the weekend just gone, they had a catalogue launch in Widnes nr Liverpool. Becky kept me company some of the weekend though and we went to watch Twilight Eclipse for the 3rd time in cinema. Yes we are somewhat obsessed. I think we are going leave it at that […]

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Engagement party dissapointment, Lost Finale, Libby’s 4th Birthday.

We had our joint engagement party & welcome home Becky party on saturday night, we definitely had fun but at the moment I’m annoyed at the people that just didn’t pitch. I invited my entire extended family, and other than Becky and her parents, not a single one of them arrived. I don’t mind the […]

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Facebook, £20 & Engagement Party

It seems facebook is creating waves with their overly complex privacy and account setting at the moment, and many are theorising that this can lead to the decline of facebook and open the market to new competitors. Personally I don’t know if this is as serious an issue as it’s being made out to be. […]

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