The Site has gone through various changes over the years…

My first website was born on Tuesday 25th July 2000. It was hosted at my work place with the url It stayed there until I moved to England in 2000, where working on it became difficult, and Justin my old boss and friend didn’t have the time to give me the support I needed. He suggested I moved to, which at the time was a free web host, so then it became When they terminated their free service in February 2002, I decided it was time I get serious about my site and pay for a service so I could expect it to work, and get support when I needed it.
I believe it was Akasha from zanet (irc) that referred me to 2mhost, and I signed up with them and registered my domain on 7th May 2002.

A year later my domain expired because 2mhost had some problem renewing it. So I was forced to renew it myself and re-register with 2mhost too. I toyed with the idea of abandoning at this stage and starting from scratch. The only domain that I really felt partial to was but it already existed, so i decided to stick with as it was already fairly well established and held a part of my identity. came back into online existence on 13 July 2003. where it grew into something I was quite proud and underwent a variety of different layouts with the same content.
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When I moved back to the UK in 2006 I didn’t have time to maintain my site as it was so decided to take it down. For a long time it just had a holding page, but in Nov 2009 I decided to recreate it as a blog. I’m very happy with where my site it at the moment and expect it to continue on it current path for the foreseeable future.

My Host
My website host remains 2mhost. They are completely fantastic! Check them out.