WordPress for iPad test

Since I haven’t blogged from my iPad since NYC, and with the WordPress app receiving a significant update, I thought it was well overdue I give it a go.
One of my main bug-bears with the previous version was it’s annoying knack of loosing drafts should you make the mistake of navigating away from it within the app. Infuriating! While on the plane to New York I wrote a long post about Christmas and the start of our travels, only to loose the entire thing. I still haven’t quite forgiven WordPress for that one. Subsequently all future holiday blogging was done in simplenote and blogged later. I’ll let you know how I get on with the new app…

The seasons are steadily shifting towards spring, and the daffodils have starting shooting up at work already. Such lovely flowers they are; hiding all winter and popping up anew every year in spring, letting us know summer is just around the corner. That and they always remind me of the original Alice in Wonderland movie which instantly makes me feel cheerier. So now it is light when I walk home, and hopefully soon it’ll be warm enough for me to ride Ethel to work again (I don’t like cycling on the cold, my eyeballs!), and the days long enough for me to cycle to the gym in the evenings.

Greenpois0n has finally been released for windows, meaning an untethered jailbreak for my iPhone and iPad. Yay! I haven’t played around with the jailbreak functionality of my iPad yet, and I’m kind of going through that, “OK, I’ve jailbroken, what’s next?” phase, but I know once I’ve hit YouTube and checked what other people are playing with I’ll start having fun.
Have you tried World of Goo for iPad yet? It’s a great game!