Bullet Journal, an Update

If there was ever one thing I should blog about regularly it’s Bullet Journalling. I’ve been using Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journaling system for a year and half now (I blogged about it when I first started) and it is the only system I’ve adopted that fits my needs so perfectly. It’s flexible and adaptable and the community has grown massively since I first started and provides a wealth of inspiration, tweaks and ideas. It’s wonderful! So here’s a current look at my set up.
My lovely husband bought me a Midori Traveler’s Notebook in Aug last year for my birthday and I’ve been using it ever since. I love the flexibility of the inserts, which come in a variety of styles (lined, grid, blank) and the paper is fountain pen friendly. I have 2 sections inside, one for my bullet journal with tasks on monthly/weekly/daily entries and a second for collections and lists. My insert of choice is the grid for my BuJo and lined for collections.

Midori Traveler's Notebook

Midori Traveler's Notebook

As you can see I actually have 3 inserts here. The first is a full BuJo insert and I just haven’t taken it out yet as I still need to migrate my forward planning calendars. I also need to bring the monthly tabs at the top up to date.

The first thing I have inside the cover is a Kraft File insert. I keep a Year Calendar to track certain tasks, and also a Spencerian reference sheet.

Inside Front cover

The first few pages of my BoJo are for forward calendars. One for birthdays and anniversaries, and the second for future events.

Forward Planning

At the beginning of each moth I insert a calendar for the month printed from My Life All in One Place. They are the Month-to-view Diary inserts. I will then input everything relevant to the month from my forward planning calendars I have at the front.

Monthly calendar


This is a typical weekly spread I will prepare at the beginning of each week. On the left I would then migrate any tasks from the previous week that were not completed, and add any new tasks as the week progresses. As I complete a task I put it on the relevant day on the right and use the right to log any other notes from the day. I’ve used this style for many months and it’s worked really well for me as I don’t have lots of mandatory tasks to do for each day. I also try to maintain a gratitude journal here and list 5 things each week I am grateful for.

Weekly Spread



Ok so after explaining my monthly calendar and weekly spread above, this month I am trying something new! I have gone back to the traditional BuJo method of the monthly spread with the month on the left and tasks down the right. I have still copied birthdays and events from my forward planners.


October Spread

And then I’m trying out ditching my weekly spread and just keeping daily entries. This has come with some pros and cons. Pros: I like having as much space as is required for each day. Some days are just a few lines and some are a whole page. Cons: I miss having a weekly tasks view and I find I’m not flipping back to the monthly spread very often, so I’m finding the tasks out of sight, out of mind. I’ll have to figure a way around this next month.

Another new thing I’m trying is daily logging, inspired by Austin Kleon, and I’m really loving it. Though as a result I find i’m not writing in my diary as often as I used to. I haven’t decided if this is good or bad yet.

Daily log

Onto the Collections insert (badly labelled “notes”).


The first 2 pages in this insert is reserved for the Index. This lists the collections in the following pages and the relevant page number.

Collections Index

Here’s an example of a collection. This one is really simple and lists the movies I want to watch or have been recommended. This one is pretty simple in it’s layout but others are more creative and intricate depending on what it is for.

Collection Example

So that’s a really quick overview on how I’m using my Midori and the way I layout my inserts. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my methods of layout 🙂