Bullet Journalling

So it started when I clicked a Book Riot article and started adding some books to my goodreads reading list, then I bookmarked the page in Instapaper, then decided to organise my Instapaper a bit and move articles in folders. Then I spotted a saved article from Lifehacker about journalling and opened it, which sidetracked me onto a bunch of articles about paper journals (Heaven!) and then finally another article about Bullet Journalling.

The rest of my night from that point on, is history. As you can see I’m easily distracted and my mind is all over the place. This is a normal everyday scenario for me, and that’s why I’m an obsessive note-taker and also why Bullet Journallying is my new favourite thing in the world, and I’ve only been doing it for about 1.5 hours. Why? Because I know it’s really going to work for me. I LOVE keeping analogue notes and scribble lists and ideas on scraps of paper all over the place on a daily basis and I’m sure this will help me keep them more organised and more productive.

Here is what I have put together so far:

I’ve only just scratched the surface of bullet journalling and look forward to developing my own methods, but the basic structure is already a really great starting point and I can’t wait to do it more.

To learn more from the man whom invented it, check out the stunningly designed official bulletjournal.com site here.

More inspiration from other people using this method (adding more as I find them):

BTW, I still haven’t finished reading that Lifehacker article, or sorting out my Instapaper folders, but I’ve got it down on my bullet journal 🙂