Engagement party dissapointment, Lost Finale, Libby’s 4th Birthday.

in Milton Keynes the week after getting engaged

We had our joint engagement party & welcome home Becky party on saturday night, we definitely had fun but at the moment I’m annoyed at the people that just didn’t pitch. I invited my entire extended family, and other than Becky and her parents, not a single one of them arrived. I don’t mind the people that replied saying they couldn’t make it, but some said they would, and others were maybes but not a single one arrived. Pathetic. Various friends and colleagues also didn’t arrive, so it was a very disappointing turnout. In the end this actually helped because as it was, we had such a mixed group of people that it was actually hard work trying to talk to everyone. But it’s hurtful when people don’t even drop you a txt to say they won’t make it and then make lame excuses. It’s not ok.
It’s not the kind of event I would ever do again. It also reminded me why I know not to get expectations up for any kind of get together. People will inevitably let you down and the impromtu get togethers are always the best anyway.
However we did have loads of fun with the people that did come. We got a lovely gift from Pete’s colleagues and a signed card that Gemma arranged. I really thought it was so lovely that she went to such effort. We stayed out very late and Liam, Greenie and Becky ended up back at our place, drinking until the sun came up.

Summer has certainly arrived. The weather has been spectacular all of last week and the weekend. Yesterday Pete and I spend the day on the couch watching Season 2 of 24 recovering from Saturday, but I did managed to take advantage of the heat and get the freezer defrosted.

The Lost Finale aired here at 5am this morning, I’ll be watching that tonight, so I am avoiding facebook and twitter so I don’t read any spoilers. It is also my God-Daughter Libby’s 4th birthday today, so I’ll be popping around there to wish her a happy birthday and give her her birthday pressie this evening.