I’ve been unhappy with the weight I’ve gained over the past few years and over the last 6 months or so I’ve been working to do something about it. I started by joining My Fitness Pal and started counting my calorie intake. I know this can seem really complicated to most people but this site makes it so simple. You can do literal searches for generic items like “apple” and thanks to other people inputting details for themselves you can also search for things like “bird’s eye simply range – pollock fillet” and all the details are right there for you. Thankfully here in England, nutritional information is listed on every product, so if you can’t find what you want, you can enter it yourself and it’ll be saved for future us and others to use too. If you cook a complicated meal you can detail what’s in it and save it to your “meals” to use again, and it saves your commonly used items to “favourite” for quick adding any time. It makes watching how many calories you consume very easy, and also helps you plan a weightloss program and tracks your progress. Doing this I’ve manages to drop about 4kgs over a couple of months.

Now to kick it up a gear I’ve joined the local gym. I’ve never been much of a gym-goer, but the few times I’ve been so far I’ve really enjoyed it. The machines are great! I can plug in my iPhone and listen to my own music or an audiobook while I work out and the built in tv displays menus, television and information about my workout. Plus it automatically saves my workout to my iPhone and when I get home I can sync it to Nike Running. All this together helps keep me motivated as I can see my progress and set goals on the Nike website.
I’ve only been going 2 weeks but I’ve been twice this week and cycled there and back both times. Thankully the weather has been really nice so hopefully I can keep my motivation up when it’s not so nice. I’m sure there will be weeks where I can’t be bothered but while my motivation is high I’m going to make the most and try keep my eyes on the goal.

Size 8, here I come! 🙂