I want a Mac.

I’m at home reclining on the couch with my iPad on my lap and thinking about various things geeky.

I think I’ve made the decision to make my next computer a Mac. There are many reasons for this but the main one being that their products are so beautiful and work so well. It will be quite a while into the future before I actually need to make a final decision as I’m trying to get my finances in order at the moment, and a new computer is certainly not in my budget for the foreseeable future, especially not a pricey Macbook Pro. But I think I’m finally ready to say goodbye to Windows. I’ve never been a fan of Microsoft products and have always likes Apple, but I’ve always held onto the security blanket which is my Windows PC. I’ve accumulated a shit-tonne of software for windows and little customising and tweaking apps which have always made my windows experience more to my taste, now I think I’m ready to let it all go and have something that is beautiful and stable out of the box. Call me a Fangirl or whatever you want, I don’t have to justify my decision to anyway, if you don’t like Apple or Mac, fine, don’t buy it. But actually, I do.