Lists of Lists

Have I mentioned how much I like lists? Well I do. I like lists, a lot. Listing things make me feel really organised and clears my head.

One of the other things I love about Bullet Journalling is compiling brain dumps into lists. Lists about music, travel, food, wish lists, anything! If you are list lover like myself, there is one other things I love as much as lists, and that is inspiration for even more lists. Yes,  a list of lists.

So here you go, a list of lists to inspire you!

  1. Future pet names
  2. 5 Secrets
  3. Most humbling things I’ve seen/experienced
  4. 10 typical daily activities
  5. My hobbies
  6. Favourite places
  7. Places I’d like to travel to
  8. TV characters I’d want as friends
  9. Things to accomplish this year
  10. Things to accomplish in my life
  11. Favourite desserts
  12. Things most people don’t know about me
  13. If you could have dinner with 10 people (dead or alive)
  14. Favourite drinks
  15. Favourite websites
  16. Top TV Shows
  17. 10 Things you’d rescue from a fire
  18. Simple pleasures
  19. Superpowers you wish you had
  20. If I rules the world…
  21. Favourite foods
  22. Things I want to learn
  23. Things I loved doing as a teenager
  24. Favourite movies
  25. Worst movies
  26. Best childhood memories
  27. Top 10 Songs
  28. If I had all the money in the world for just one day
  29. Concerts/Gigs/Shows I have been to
  30. Things that annoy me
  31. Favourite artists
  32. Pets I have had
  33. Funniest things I have ever seen
  34. Things to do on rainy days
  35. Books I want to read
  36. I should really just…
  37. Best purchases I’ve ever made
  38. Places I have visited
  39. Jobs I have had
  40. Jobs I would love to have
  41. Favourite words
  42. Books I have loved
  43. My creature comforts
  44. My essentials
  45. Things I should feel proud of
  46. Things that remind me of home
  47. Current/future goals and dreams
  48. Things I want to make
  49. I am grateful for
  50. Favourite quotes
  51. Beside my bed
  52. Favourite albums
  53.  Current (mood, music, watching, eating, drinking, browsing, dreaming…)
  54. List of firsts (kiss, road trip, school, car)
  55. Bucket list
  56. People I admire
  57. Inside my bag
  58. Everyday carry items
  59. Things I collect
  60. Fictional places I’d like to visit
  61. Fears
  62. Favourite smells
  63. Facts about me
  64. Reasons to make lists
  65. Things I love to touch
  66. Favourite poems
  67. Things I’d rather be doing
  68. My strengths and talents