Lists of Lists

Have I mentioned how much I like lists? Well I do. I like lists, a lot. Listing things make me feel really organised and clears my head. One of the other things I love about Bullet Journalling is compiling brain dumps into lists. Lists about music, travel, food, wish lists, anything! If you are list […]


Clear spare desk & re-arrange lounge? Share daily list publicly link page Start getting addresses together to post “Save the Date” cards. recreate intro page to , reupload old version of website and link. Journal about lists Start 30 day song challenge Sort contacts on iPhone Paint nails bring comedy to work for […]

Lists, lists, lists

I write lists on a daily basis. Be it ideas for food, things I’d like to get done of the weekend. entertainment recommended to me (my lists of books, TV shows, movies and music are extensive!) I list everything.