I had my sternum microdermal redone!

So today I went to the MK Tattoo Convention and it was seriously awesome! I saw some seriously mind-blowing tattoo and found a great artist I plan to go to in the future (money!). While I was there I decided to get my sternum microdermal redone. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a […]

Sternum Microdermal

So I finally bit the bullet and had my Sternum Microdermal done! My friend Beth lives near Brighton and she had previously mentioned a studio called Punktured. I’d looked them up online a while ago and was very happy with what I saw, and most pleased that they do microdermals using the punch method as […]

Xmas in South Africa and the year ahead

Long time no blog. I seem to be one of these types of people that blogs most when things are rough. When things  are good I generally feel I have nothing to report. Journaling for me has always generally  centered around emotion rather than day-to-day activities. But I digress… Holiday in South Africa – 23 Dec – 11 […]