Previous Layouts

The first. When I look at it now I just think ew!!!

The second. Was slightly better, not a vast improvement.

The third. This layout lasted about a year, mainly because I never had the time or opportunity to work on it. Was the first site that was actually any good. and it featured a cute little gif that I found years ago, I can’t remember where ๐Ÿ™‚

The fourth. It only lasted 3 months. Quite a crap site to mark the birth of don’t you think. I was going for an open, spacey, minimalistic look, but I think it ended up looking naked and boring.

v5 – Was up for about 3 months before I got bored ๐Ÿ™‚

v6 – Louis Royo. Up for about 2 months until I felt lke a change. Was quite popular

v7 – Julia Stiles. Uploaded 30 December 2002

v8- modified version of the layout above because I didn’t have time to totally create a new one. and I was more anxious to just get my site up and running that waste time editing. 21.06.03

v9 – the dark version, Using an image from Digital Apocalypse.

v10 – Inspired by a layout by avedementia

v11 – feat Angelina Jolie, and brushes curtesy of Nocturna. 13.12.03

v12 – Feat Juclesia from the rpg game Magna Carta. 02.01.04

v13 -scratched and torn. Made with brushes from here, here and here – 22.03.04

v14 – This version never made it to the www because I got bored with it before I had a chance to upload it.

v14-2 This version was up for quite a long time and is still one of my favourite layouts from my old site. 12-10-04

violetsteelcom: gone! – After moving back to the UK in 2006 I decided to take the old down. I didn’t have time to update it and the content was very dated

WordPress – Fusion child theme
In Nov 2009 I resurrected my site as a blog running WordPress. My theme was a child theme based off Fusion theme by DigitalNature.