I had my sternum microdermal redone!

So today I went to the MK Tattoo Convention and it was seriously awesome! I saw some seriously mind-blowing tattoo and found a great artist I plan to go to in the future (money!).

While I was there I decided to get my sternum microdermal redone. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite a while and knew there was going to be the opportunity there. I found a dedicated piercings stall located in a private room so chatted to the piercer about it a bit before hand. He didn’t have any dermal punches with him so would only be able to do it with a needle but it’s much of a muchness and I was interested in trying the different method to my first one, so decided to go ahead.
Now I already knew I have tight, thick skin on my chest and it’s really hard to pinch up, but boy did he struggle to get it done. Doing the piercing itself was tricky enough but when it came to the jewellery insertion he REALLY struggled! Honestly he was poking and pushing for at least 15 minutes trying to do it, having to try and pierce more to open up a bigger pocket. Getting the back of the dermal anchor foot in was a real ordeal, but eventually he got there. I really have to say this was the most difficult piercing I have ever got, but it’s looking well seated now and I just hope there isn’t any bruising. lol!