Life as it stands – freedom

Tonight (Sunday, 23:03) I said to Pete “I wish it was Saturday night again. I don’t want to go to bed”, and then he made a very good point. Our life if not exactly hard or stressful at the moment. We go to work, then come home and have the whole evening to ourselves. We […]

Spring S.A.D.?

I don’t know if I’m just feeling homesick today, but I seem to be a bit depressed. I was just thinking that I kinda feel like my life is on hold and what a boring place this town is to live in. I was even thinking I miss living in London, and I haven’t felt […]

Lists, lists, lists

I write lists on a daily basis. Be it ideas for food, things I’d like to get done of the weekend. entertainment recommended to me (my lists of books, TV shows, movies and music are extensive!) I list everything.

To procreate or not to procreate? That is the question.

I’ve always thought I would have children (at age 28 to be precise!), but I sometimes wonder if I should rather go through life without having kids. I always thought being a mother was my _purpose_ in life. I’m not going to be famous, I’m not going to change the world, I’m just another little […]

Something more

I often feel that I could drop everything from”normal” society and live a fairly simplistic and spiritual life. I feel that consumerism, working 9-5 and social intensity are poisoning my life; and as a believer of this life being our only one and when you are dead you are dead, that’s a terrible waste.?