So Long 2011, Welcome 2012…

So 2011 has gone. Time to look back in summary and see what was learned, experienced and acheived. I was very lazy with blogging in 2011, and also photography with my Canon camera. I did still take a lot of photographs, but for that 2011 was the year of Instagram. What a magic iPhone App! […]

Holiday NYC 3 Jan

Because our tour tickets had expired we didn’t have any solid plans for our last full day. We took at walk back up to 42nd street and had an expensive but delicious lunch at Applebee’s, afterwards we just spent the afternoon walking around the Times Square are until our (my) feet were sore. Then we […]

NYC Holiday New Years Day

We stayed in bed late and Pete procured nourishment from a local pizza shop. The biggest pizza I have ever seen! Had a nice afternoon relaxing in the hotel and taking a long jet bath. Finally got ready and took a tour bus on the Downtown Route to China Town. We walked around a bit […]

NYC Holiday 31 Dec

Decided to activate our 3 day travel ticket and take one of the bus tours and the boat cruise. Picked up our tickets in Madame Tussauds, then went for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Had possibly the best burger and chips I’ve ever had, and surrounded by guitars and equipment previously owned by world […]

NYC Holiday 30 Dec

In the morning we booked a 3 day tour with the Concierge in the reception of our hotel, and also tickets for Phantom of the Opera. Hit the streets around 12 and went for lunch at Dallas BBQ on 42nd. A young guy cane to serve us and I detected a South African accent so […]

NYC Holiday 27 & 28 Dec

So I should be blogging this from New York, but actually we are in Minneapolis! Yesterday Pete and I were obviously apprehensive that we would actually even get off the ground in London. We’d been been following the weather firstly for London and then on Boxing Day for New York because of the massive storm […]

New York!

Pete and I are going to New York for news years! I’m so excited. I suggested it as a throw away-comment in email on Tuesday, and it now it’s booked. I’m already amasing a list of things to do, see and eat while we are there, and we are going for 8 nights and staying […]

Xmas in South Africa and the year ahead

Long time no blog. I seem to be one of these types of people that blogs most when things are rough. When things  are good I generally feel I have nothing to report. Journaling for me has always generally  centered around emotion rather than day-to-day activities. But I digress… Holiday in South Africa – 23 Dec – 11 […]