2010 in Summary

2010 was certainly a year of high highs and low lows for me.


We brought in 2010 in South Africa will all our friends and family @ Julian & Belinda’s house for a fantastic casino night.

A group of my friends, family and myself all got tattooed together. My Brother, Mum, Myself. Belinda & Sis-in-Law Haylie all had tattoos done by Gav at Electric Eye Tattoo in Umhlanga.

We chilled in the Sunshine and drank with loved ones before returning to England on 11th Jan.

Gig 1. My first gig of the year was Emily Autumn @ Wolverhampton Civic on 29th Jan. I went with my colleagues Gemma & Faye B. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it did go on for a bit too long.
Gemma and I had a disaster on the way and accidentally got on an express direct train to London! Thankfully the lovely staff arranged an emergency stop for us in Rugby to catch a train back to where we should have gone.


Gig 2. Rammstein! Pete and I went with my colleague Liam, we booked really late so ended up right near the back, but we still had an incredible time. Rammstein are amazing live. Breathtaking pyrotechnics and lighting. It was awesome.


I found out I was going to be an Aunty!!!


Pete Proposed! I woke up on Easter Sunday to a post-it clue on my iPhone that began an Easter egg hunt! The eggs got larger and larger finally led me to my engagement ring 🙂

While on a Company night out with Pete colleagues we spontaneously decided to do a reverse bungy. I’d had just the right amount of alcohol to overcome my panic attack inducing fear of heights, and I bloody loved it.


I bought my lovely little bike, which I named Ethel, for going to work on.

I voted in the General Election. The first time I have voted in my life.

I got an iPad. The most awesome device of 2010 by far. I love it!


My Aunty Sandra was diagnosed with cancer. & my Mum flew over to be with her for a while as she didn’t know how long her sister would have.


Becky, Jane & I took part in the Race for Life to raise money for cancer research. We did it in honour of those we knew affected by cancer. I did for my cousin Ange who passed in 2008 & now her Mum, my aunty Sandra diagnosed the month before.


My 30th Birthday! My parents flew over and surprised me for my birthday. It was the best surprise of my life, I’d had no idea they were coming thanks to Pete and my parents sneaky planning 🙂 Pete and Becky threw a party for me at a local Irish bar and it was the party of my life. So amazing!

We did some travelling with my parents and drove to Lincoln, York and Sheffield visiting places that we knew and used to live in. This was the pub my parents got engaged at in 1971.

Aunty Sandra passed away on 29th Aug. My parents were still here which I was grateful for; my Mum got to say goodbye to her sister and be here for the cremation.


My Aunty Tracey & Uncle Andy got married after being together for many years and having children. It was a gorgeous wedding and fantastic party afterwards!

My brother became a Father and I became an Aunty!! Little Macayla came into the world on 27th Sept happy & healthy 🙂 Certainly a highlight of the year 🙂


We saw Sean Locke @ Wolverhampton. I prefer him on telly to be honest. His live stand up show varied from hilarious to unfunny.

With the money I got from my 30th Birthday I expanded on my shoulder tattoo. My biggest tattoo so far and I couldn’t be happier with it. Done by Cesar @ Body Garden Tattoo in Birmingham.

We also saw Dara O’Briain in Stand Up @ The Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton. Truly hilarious throughout. I would definitely see him live again.


Not much happened, I had my should tattoo touched up, but that’s all that’s really note-worthy.


Gig 3. Becky, Pete and I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars. They were ok. I wouldn’t see them again. I think Jared came off a bit arrogant and over-did it on audience participation. I can too see you sing, not with Beautiful Lie all by myself. I’m still glad I went though, we had fun.

Gig 4. Faithless in Manchester with my Colleague Gazz and his wife Kerry. Generally this kind of music is not my normal cup of tea, but Faithless are fantastic live! I only recognised 3 songs but the entire gig was brilliant. Highly recommended.

Gig 5. The Pretty Reckless in The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. Probably my gig of the year. I danced and sung my heart out to every single song and they covered Audioslave, Muse and Oasis which I loved. They sounded amazing live, and Taylor is a pure sex kitten on stage. I loved every single minute of it.

We ended of the year with an amazing holiday to New York City to bring in the new year. We stayed in 2 hotels in central Manhattan and took in so many sights. I can now understand why those t-shirts that say I ♥ NY and can’t wait to go back one day.