Aunty Tracey’s Wedding

I realised what with the excitement of my Niece Macayla arriving, that I had forgot to journal about my Aunt Tracey’s wedding on Friday 24 September.

We had a truly wonderful day! It was chiller that we would have hoped, but the rain stayed away the whole day so we can’t complain too much. The ceremony was at the Stafford Register Office. A really nice building, fitted with dark wood panneling, that felt old and prestigious, yet warm and cosy. Uncle Kevin was the best man and jokingly changed the wedding rings on the ring cushion to pull rings from beer cans. It was a good ceremony with lots of giggles and a few tears. The reception was at Lea Hall in Rugelely. We ate quite early then everyone left for a relax before returning for the evening party. And Party we did. I had such a lovely day with family, laughing drinking and dancing, it was really special.