Yes, Pete and I gave into our desires of geekery and indulged ourselves in the coolness that is the iPad.

I already knew I wanted one but alas my budget would not stretch to allow me to get one. This morning I joking hinted to Pete that he could buy me one and his vague response that didn’t include a “no” made me realise this was a possibility. We discussed it and agreed I’d pay him back or it part of the cost could be considered part of my 30th birthday present. So off we went to PC World in Stoke to have a look. As soon as Pete had one in his hand he knew he wanted one too. So a little while later we walked out with 2 16Gb Wi-Fi iPads.

I really love using this device. Typing this blog entry on it is a dream, so much nicer and easier than both my iPhone and my laptop, as I sit here very comfortable on the couch with my feet up and not overworking my thumbs. The screen is lovely and the styling in the usual slick Apple style. It’s very quick and responsive to every touch and tilt of the screen, and browsing the Internet is the most fantastic experience. I’m very very happy with it. 🙂

Last Modified on 18/09/2010
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