Laini Taylor Book Signing & back to Red Hair

So 2 cool things happened today.

Firstly, I started the day terribly hungover due to an impromptu night out. A “quick drink” after work turned into a session with some lovely company and a bit too much wine was consumed. So I woke up with a banging headache, had some paracetamol and a glass of water which promptly came up again 15 minutes later, then I slowly sipped an Alka Seltzer before going back to bed for a few more hours. Thankfully the headache was gone when I woke up and I only arose at 11:30am! Shocking behaviour!

Laini Taylor Book Signing 3rd May 2014

Once I was feeling a bit more human again my day properly kicked off by going to the Laini Taylor book signing at the Milton Keynes Waterstones. I got there half an hour early and there was only a small queue of about 10 people so I picked up my copy of the new Dreams of Gods and Monsters and joined the queue.

Laini Taylor Book Signing Queue
Queue for the book signing.

My colleague, Laura, and her Mum soon joined me. It was Laura that recommended the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy to me, and her Mum that recommended it to her. We chatted with the store staff and our fellow queue-ees (hmm signees?) and had quite a few laughs while we waited. After a brief delay, Laini arrived and we soon had our books signed.

Me and Laini Taylor.
Me and Laini Taylor.

My encounter was short and sweet as I normally get nervous and don’t have much to say; but I thanked her for coming to Milton Keynes and she thanked me for coming to the signing. The store staff took our photo and I was done. I waited near the desk for Laura and her Mum to get their signing done, and I had to take a step back so I didn’t hear Laura’s Mum reveal any spoilers while she happily chatted to Laini (She’s already finished the book!). Once they were done we watched a few other people get signed and then went about our separate ways. I love book shops so couldn’t leave without spending at least an hour in the store first and finding about a hundred books I wanted to buy. Leather bound Poe! Oh and stationery, how I love the stationery! I can’t wait until I fill my moleskine journal so I can buy a Fabriano dotted one.


Signed Book
My autographed book.

If you’ve never been to a book signing before you might be interested in reading Your Basic Book Signing Procedure

Back to Red Hair Dye

So the second cool thing to happen today is this:

Red hair is back!
Red hair is back!
Red yeah!
Red yeah!

I’ve been thinking about it for months and after looking at some old photos last week I finally decided to go back to deep red. I actually want to go more vivid than this and this particular shade is more orangey than I’d hoped but I’m still VERY happy to be back to a deeper red colour. It just feels so… me.

Other things I need to blog about:
– Our holiday in South Africa
– My half sleeve tattoo