Life as it stands – freedom

iEllen via boeke.
iEllen via boeke.

Tonight (Sunday, 23:03) I said to Pete “I wish it was Saturday night again. I don’t want to go to bed”, and then he made a very good point. Our life if not exactly hard or stressful at the moment. We go to work, then come home and have the whole evening to ourselves. We have no obligations. ALL of our spare time, and our spare money for that matter, is our own. We have the liberty to laze around for our entire Saturday & Sunday if we want to. Much like we did today actually. So really I have nothing to moan about for going to work tomorrow, especially as I really love my job!

It’s good to be introspective about these things and take the time to just sit back and realise just how freaking good we have it. We have spoken about having children, and it’s definitely something are planning on doing in the next few years, but at the moment we are really enjoying our time together. Normally it’s just the two of us sitting on our respective couches doing our own things, as we are right now. QI on TV, Pete normally playing games, and me pottering on the internet. If we fancy, we go for a bike ride together or I stick a movie on which we both slowly put our laptops aside for.

After drinking wine and going to bed at about 3am last night, today we watched about 5 episodes of Castle Season 5 and played on our laptops all day long. Pete did a load of washing, and I did the dishes, and that was the extent of our exertion! It sounds lazy, I know. And it is. Very. and we goddamn love it!

Are you a parent that went through this phase before making the big commitment? Tell me all about it 🙂