Lists, lists, lists

Most people don’t know but I’m a list freak. I make lists of everything because I know if I don’t write it down I’ll forget, and even if it’s unimportant, knowing I’ve forgotten something will irritate me and play of my mind for hours, which is very counter-productive. Notepad is almost always open on my PC at work (where I’m writing this now actually), and I have multiple places I keep notes for various purposes. (See below.)

Writing is pretty cathartic for me anyway, and I feel like I’m clearing out my brain when I write things down. Especially when under stress. I journal most of the time when under stress of some form. It also ties in to my general hoarding habits. I digress. Lists yes…

I write lists on a daily basis. Be it ideas for food, things I’d like to get done of the weekend. entertainment recommended to me (my lists of books, TV shows, movies and music are extensive!) I list everything.

I’ve decided that in the quest to Get Things Done, I’m going to make some of my daily list keeping public. This will give you a glimpse of the ransom things that pop into my mind during the day, any maybe it’ll draw in further inspiration and ideas for me or start a conversation.


List keeping mediums:

Evernote: Brilliant as it synchronizes between by PC, iPhone and online. So I always have quick and easy access to it at work, at home or on the go. I initially came across it as an iPhone recommendation on lifehacker and once I got into it, it very quickly replaced all other note/list keeping apps and methods I’d tried. Best part is, it’s free, but I would definitely pay for it even if it wasn’t.

Things for iPhone: mostly for grocery shopping list and little things I want to get done the same day, or do for someone else. If something stays on there for an extended period, I’ll move it to Evernote (possibly never to be seen again, but then at least it is LISTED and SAFE! LOL!)

Notepad: (always open at work for throwing down ideas that fly into my brain)

Simplenote: I use for temporary lists that will eventually be removed quickly or transferred to Evernote.?

Do you keep lists?