NYC Holiday 30 Dec

In the morning we booked a 3 day tour with the Concierge in the reception of our hotel, and also tickets for Phantom of the Opera. Hit the streets around 12 and went for lunch at Dallas BBQ on 42nd. A young guy cane to serve us and I detected a South African accent so asked and sure enough he was from Durban! Pinetown to he exact, we told him we were from Hillcrest and he said he actually went to Kearsney, the same School as Pete! What are the chances of that? Afterwards we took a walk up 5th Avenue to the Apple Store then into Central Park. Stunningly beautiful place especially covered in snow. I was completely in awe! We saw ice skating and drank some delicious hot apple cider with a foot long hotdog. Then continued to walk up through Central Park. We took the subway back down to our Hotel and enjoyed the free drinks again then chilled in our hotel room for the rest of the evening.