Online vs Paper & Privacy Levels

I often find myself torn between my pull to the geek world and wanting to do everything digitally, and my romance with written journals and diaries. I like that digitally I can fit masses of information and photos in one place, It’s easy to search and available to me wherever I go. However I miss the touch of paper and my own handwritting. There is a smell of paper that is familiar and comforting, and somehow feels more private and personal. I suppose a lot of the appeal is also the mystery of carrying around a private journal.

I also struggle with how much to share publicly in this digital age of social networking and how much I should keep private. My aunt recently passed away, and I had to be careful about not putting it on facebook because you never know if everyone has been informed. The last thing you want is a cousin to find out of facebook. So despite wanting to share my feelings with my closest friends, I ended up keeping it entirely quiet. Where is the medium?

I’ve even considered setting up 2 facebook profiles. One for General everyday fun and messing about, and one of a more serious nature. But that seems ridiculous. Finding a comfortable place in the online world is quite hard. Especially considering jobs and employers are likely to see the information and photographs (and others) you throw out there. It’s a very public place to be!