Race For Life – 20 July 2010

Race for Life

Tuesday evening Becky, Jane & I took part in the 5km Race for Life in Stafford, to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. We arrived at Stafford County Show Grounds at around 6 o’clock, and joined the thousands of other women dressed in pink on the field. As we prepared for the race, pinning out numbers on etc, my uncle Kevin was asked if he wouldn’t mind helping out by being a marshal. So off he went to get a hi-vis and earpiece etc. and be allocated a spot along the course.

The event was very well organised with a stage set up and women talking to the crowd gearing everyone up for the run. We did some aerobics to warm up and then split into 2 group, runners and walkers, for the start of the event. We joined the walkers. Just as the race started at 7pm the heavens opened and it bucketed it down! Thankfully I had thought to bring a brolly as it’s been overcast and showering all day. It took us 2 minutes of walking in the crowd to even pass the start line, but it soon thinned out as we all properly got moving and the rain stopped. The race weaved around the fields and building of the Show Grounds, and looped around so we finished back at the start line.

We half jogged, half walked the entire race probably jogging more towards the end, and stopped for a hug with Uncle Kev when we saw him along the way. It showered quite a lot so we got pretty soggy! I had a camera with me and we asked someone to take our photo at each of the kilometer markers along the way, so we often felt we were jogging past the same people over and over again. We probably could have cut a good 10 to 15 minutes off out time if we hadn’t kept stopping, but it was worth it for the pics, and gave us a bit of a breather.We ran the last stretch and over the finish line in just over 50 minutes, and were handed a medal, water bottle and goodie bag at the end. Feeling really good about ourselves we went home for well deserved hot baths and some food.

Together the 3 of us managed to raise over £550!