Xmas in South Africa and the year ahead

Long time no blog.

I seem to be one of these types of people that blogs most when things are rough. When things  are good I generally feel I have nothing to report. Journaling for me has always generally  centered around emotion rather than day-to-day activities. But I digress…

Holiday in South Africa – 23 Dec – 11 Jan

Pete and I spent 3 weeks in South Africa over the Christmas period. It was truly wonderful.  Pete and I each spent it with our respective parents but did see each other regularly and  stayed over at the others house from time to time. For me most of my time was spent relaxing  in the sun shine, spending time with my dog Misha, and going out shoppping and having  breakfast with my folks, Mark & Haylie. We also spent a lot of time with out friends Julian  & Belinda and Lara & Ash & their kids.
Christmas Eve we spent with Pete’s parents and some of their friends and other relatives. Then Christmas Day we spent at my house with my family. for New year’s Eve we went to a  house party at Julian & Belinda’s house. They threw a party with the theme Casino Royale and had set up Gambling tables for Roulette, Black Jack & Poker. Having never gambled before it  was quite a learning experience and LOADS of fun. Everyone dressed very smart with lots of  “bling” and costume. Pete took a twist on the theme and dressed as Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, complete with broken cigarette in a holder. It  was excellent.
It was also Belinda’s 30th on the 4th Jan and a bunch of us went to get tattoos. I had my  tattoos done first and had my power button done on my wrist and also had a blue swallow I’d  had drawn for me years ago, on my left shoulder. My brother, Mark, liked the power button idea and decided to get the same thing so we would have matching tattoos. My  swallow came out fantastically and I can’t wait
to expand on it. Unfortunately the power  button scabbed really heavily and I caught it twice so a lot of the ink has come out and it’ll require a touch up. Mark had puppy paw print going up the inside of his left arm, the  power button and his old monkey tattoo reworked as it was looking shit. Belinda went last,  she had a dreadful fairy on her shoulder covered up with flowers and green swirls. It came  out really good and she’s also going to have more work done on it when it’s healed up. My  Mum and Paula (B’s friend from Denmark) also hoped to get inked, but we ran out of time. We  had been there the whole day already and only left at 8pm. My Mum decided she really wanted something on her wrist though so we booked in for the next day and Haylie decided she would  bite the bullet and go for one too despite her fears. So we went back the next day and my  Mum had a flower done on her wrist in black and grey, and Haylie had a rose on her chest. My Dad is still too chicken 🙂
Much sun-tanning was done, good food eaten, alcohol drank, and time with friends and family  was very special. At the end of the holiday Pete and I both didn’t want to leave and  realised how much we miss everyone back home and the lifestyle we left behind. Last time we were there in Oct ’07 I felt relieved to be returning to the UK and leave behind the dangers  of South Africa, despite missing family and friends so much. This time however we’ve seen a  lot of improvement in the place and didn’t feel at risk like before. There’s still a lot that would have to improve before we considered going back though, and the money issue would still remain. You just can’t afford the same things in South Africa that we can afford here. We’d have to be earning huge to afford the same living standards. Our holiday made me VERY homesick though. I miss being so close to my parents and brother, and my folks aren’t getting any younger. We had to force my Dad to go to the doctors on my last day there as he was having dizzy spells. Luckily it was only blood pressure and now he on pills for it, but it made me realise that as they get older more issues start arising and I don’t want to be so far away should anything happen.

I’m going to see Emilie Autumn on friday 29th Jan. I’m not sure what to expect from the show, but I’m sure I’ll have fun anyway. I’m going with 2 work colleagues, Faye B who is based in my office, and Gemma who works from our sister company. I haven’t actually met Gemma yet, but I know we have similar taste in music and get along well over the phone and email so it should be fine. Then next week wednesday, Pete myself and Liam are going to see RAMMSTEIN! Sweeet. We have really shitty seats at the back because we booked so late, but who the fuck cares, it’s Rammstein!

My Goals for 2010:
Clear some of my debt
Loose Weight (I started this last year with success, but after looking at holiday photos I’m even more motivated)

Body Modification:
My lobes are definitely still staying at 0g/8mm. I’ve accumulated a formidable jewellery collection, that would scare me if I worked out how much it is worth. (Could this be a contributing factor to my overdraft? most definitely!)
Stretch my 2nd lobe piercings to 10g.
I definitely want to expand on my swallow tattoo, and maybe grow it into a shoulder/back piece.
More piercings? who knows. Maybe a sternum microdermal, but nothing else on the books at the moment.

Things on my mind currently:
Unfulfilled dreams are still in the forefront of my mind. Those being the dreams dependant on Pete. So fucking frustrating but there’s nothing I can do about it.