Public blogging & Careers

I was inspired this week to get back into public blogging, thanks to the post on authenticity by vancityallie. I realise my real life and online life are 2 rather seperate things and I’d quite like to merge them somewhat. Though this actually scares me as I’m a rather private person and don’t really know how much I want to share between the 2. But what does this actually mean? Sharing day to day activities is one things, but is that enough? How much of myself should I give, what is too little and what it too much? I’d like my blog to truly reflect who I am, but how does one do that? I’m not one for lengthly entries about my view on the world and things that interest me. Maybe this is something I should explore more? Force myself to stick my neck out and expose myself to possible discussion and debate. It could be very interesting to see where it goes.

Career Change

I’ve never known for sure what it is I really want to do as a career. I’ve had a series of jobs since I left school, but haven’t started a career. However, for my work experience in school I chose to go to my old Primary School and experience teaching, and this is something that keeps popping into my mind and I think, “I should have persued that!”. Over the last year it’s been playing on my mind a bit more and I’m going to look into it. I briefly discussed it with Pete and he is supportive, though we know it would put a damper on our current goals of getting a house, married, travel to South Africa, etc. I’d have to study for a few years to become a teacher and the idea of leaving full time work is terrifying, but if I don’t at least look into it, I know I’ll forever regret it. It’s something I may decide not to do afterall, but at least then I know I looked, and decided for myself. So I plan to start by speaking to local college’s and University to find out the requirement for entry, duration, cost, and also try find out what it’s actually like to be a teacher; and then go from there.