The week in review – Moving, dentist & OMG there’s a lump in my armpit!

So I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, just on Facebook, that we’ve had some trouble with teenagers in our area. We live above a shop and naturally kids tend to hang out outside of it, which basically means right below our lounge window. That’s fine (mostly), but the little fuckers think it’s ok to throw things at our windows. I’ve told them off or chased them away a few times, but last month I confronted a group of really gobby shitheads. They persisted with knocking on our window so I literally told them to “fuck off or you are getting a bucket of water over you”. They carried on talking shit and being cocky, so I delivered on my threat. They scattered like cockroaches so I mostly missed with the water, but they ran away so that was awesome. About 20 minutes later though an egg was thrown onto our window, and a few others on the walls. Little shits. Luckily we still had another bucket of water ready from earlier so it was easily washed off, but now it looks like a vendetta has started. So that occurrence was last month, last Saturday however without warning a few more eggs were thrown. I know I should just ignore it, but it just makes me so angry so again I hurled abuse at them as they ran away. Afterwards though Pete and I decided we are sick of having to put up with all the noise from the shop, shutter noises, the intercom, people leaving barking dogs tied up outside and of course the kids. So we’ve decided to move.
Our lease ends in December so we’ve given our landlords notice of our intent, so we will need to be in a new place by 7 Dec. Pete started property hunting the very same night, and we’ve looked at 3 properties last week already. Nothings quite right yet though, but we still have plenty of time. We are looking at another place tomorrow, and Pete is always checking for new ones that become available each day. It’s a bit tedious to be moving again after only 1 year here and we will hopefully be in a place to buy our own house in another year, but we have no major love for this flat which is why the decision to move has been so easy.

So other than the property hunting, on Tuesday we both went to the dentist for the first time in nearly 2 years! Eep! Neither of us like going to the dentist and were a bit nervous. Thankfully I didn’t need anything doing other than a scale and polish, Pete however needed 2 fillings! Poor lad. He had to go back the next day which I think is torturous not to just do it while you are in the chair, but they have a schedule to keep I suppose. Of course it all went OK though, and we were joking around about it. “Make sure you wear a shirt it’s OK to bleed on!” & “She reattached your jaw really well!” So that’s our dentist visit done for another 6 months.

And finally I had an ultrasound done on a lump I’ve had in my armpit. It’s been around for about 2 months in total. I freaked the hell out when I first found it, as you do, and made an appointment to go to the doctors. A few days before my appointment though the lump seemed to vanish so I cancelled. We then went on holiday to Scotland and just after that I felt it was back again. I went to the doctor and she couldn’t feel anything so referred me to the hospital for an ultrasound. That appointment was on Thursday just gone. I was very nervous but the lump had remained static in size (small!). So off I went to the hospital and thankfully the lovely doctor managed to find the lump very quickly, and in fact found 2 lumps. He told me that they are in fact swollen lymph nodes and 99% of the time they are benign. *Huge sigh of relief!* but he is going to send me on for a full breast exam anyway just to be 100% sure. Of course there is always that small chance it could be cancer but I’m feel much more relaxed about it now than I was. I didn’t really tell anyone apart from Pete and my manager because I didn’t want to cause any unnecessary worrying until I knew myself what it actually was. Now that I’m 99% certain it’s nothing I don’t mind sharing the experience. I’ve only been through a small taster of the stress that possible cancer can cause and believe me I hope I never have to go through it again, but with the statistic of 1 in 3 people getting it in their lifetime, I’ll be very lucky if this is my only scare.

What a week!