TCT Charity run training.

Our first training session at The Chase. We did about 5 km in about and hour alternating between 1 minute of running then 1 minute of waking. We plan to do it again on Saturday and hopefully plot the full 5 miles. My legs are tired now. I’m hoping I don’t suffer to much with

Gym, book in the bath.

Went to the gym today for the first time in quite a while. Gave it a really good session and can feel it in my shoulders now from the shoulder press. My arms are really weak!! Then came home and had a lovely long bath which I dropped my book in 🙁 It wasn’t too


I did some yoga last night before going to bed and did 3 Sun Salutes before work. Definitely nice to have a good stretch in the morning, and it certainly gets the blood flowing. Got home this evening and did another hour and a half following the yoga for dummies video. I’d really recommend it

Aunty Sandra, Slimming, Evernote

Aunty Sandra is still hanging in there, just a slow progressive deterioration. Connie at work commented that I am looking slimmer these days. Just the boost I needed as I’ve eaten more junk this week than I should have. It’s nice to know the hard work to loose weight is paying off, but I still

Work Stress, energy & budgeting

I’m really glad it’s friday. On a friday morning I wake up already feeling happier just knowing the weekend is a few hours away. It’s been a stressful week at work. Aside from my horrible day on Wednesday, almost everyone on the company has had their work cut to 4 days a week, thus loosing