coloured Contact Lenses, 30th Party & Yoga

Pete was working away from home the weekend just gone, they had a catalogue launch in Widnes nr Liverpool. Becky kept me company some of the weekend though and we went to watch Twilight Eclipse for the 3rd time in cinema. Yes we are somewhat obsessed. I think we are going leave it at that now though and wait for the DVD.  Afterwards we saw Steve and Greenie in town for a quick drink and then Becky came back to our place for a little while. I however drank loads of cider and stayed up till 4am.

I’ve ordered some coloured conact lenses. I’ve always wanted light coloured eyes, but coloured contacts have always been really expensive and incredibly fake-looking so I’ve never tried them. On Sunday my interest was piqued again, so I did a search for “coloured contact lenses for dark eyes” and found a forum with a long discussion about them, and photos of people wearing them which looked great, so I followed a recommended link and came to which stocks a wide range of professional contact lenses coloured and normal. Thy have good prices and range to choose from, and the reviews for their coloured contacts were really good, so I’ve ordered some.
I’m both excited and nervous at the same time as I don’t know what results to expect, or if I’ll have the confidence to leave the house with them in. They were dispatched today so should hopefully arrive in the next few days.

I’m getting more and more interested in yoga. I’ve only done it a few times, but the flexibility, relaxation and body & mindconnection really appeals to me. I might try give it a serious go and try do a bit each day before work.

My 30h Birthday party has been organised by Pete and Becky. Luckily my Birthday is on a Saturday, so I get to have my party on my actual birthday. I’m trying hard not to get any expectations to avoid disappointment, but I am actually really looking forwards to the celebrations 🙂 And of course Pete it taking me on holiday somewhere which is all a secret, so i’m very excited about that 🙂