Work Stress, energy & budgeting

I’m really glad it’s friday. On a friday morning I wake up already feeling happier just knowing the weekend is a few hours away.

It’s been a stressful week at work. Aside from my horrible day on Wednesday, almost everyone on the company has had their work cut to 4 days a week, thus loosing 20% of their income. I have been one of the very few lucky ones not put on short time, but it might only be temporary. But I am definitely grateful. However I do feel guilty that all my colleagues are in a bad situation and currently I am not. I can only hope they don’t hold it against me and work picks up very soon.

I was feeling very run down last night and relaxed and dosed on the couch all evening. Probably related to the stressful week and also my diet. Im trying very hard to restrict my calorie intake, so I’m probably not getting the best varied diet that I should be. But I’m desperate to slim down so I’ll keep at it. I’m taking vitamins and Acai though so hopefully that’ll give me a boost.

I’m working on a very tight budget at the moment as I’ve let Pete take over my finances so I can pay of my debts quicker. I was starting to get very stressed about my finances as I’m not a good money manager, and finally realised I needed Pete’s help.