I did some yoga last night before going to bed and did 3 Sun Salutes before work. Definitely nice to have a good stretch in the morning, and it certainly gets the blood flowing.

Got home this evening and did another hour and a half following the yoga for dummies video. I’d really recommend it as she explains each pose really nicely, and getting into each pose is gradual so you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and where you should feel the stretch. She also explains the breathing a lot and keeps reminding you to focus on it as it’s intergral to yoga and it’s benefits.

I’m really hoping the stretching can help with my bad hip and it’s range of motion, I’ve struggled with simple things most people take for granted, like crossing your legs, since I had my surgery when I was 11. I’d be over the moon if I can get some of that movement back. Obviously I’ll have to take it slow and steady though, but I think by challenging it daily and stretching it, it’ll help.