Facebook, £20 & Engagement Party

It seems facebook is creating waves with their overly complex privacy and account setting at the moment, and many are theorising that this can lead to the decline of facebook and open the market to new competitors. Personally I don’t know if this is as serious an issue as it’s being made out to be. Yes the number of customisable account setting are totally ridiculous and many people are probably sharing information publicly without realising, but facebook has already stated it’s looking at simplifying this, and the amount of publicity the issue is receiving, they’d be stupid not to. On the whole though I think most users aren’t actually that bothered, and possibly not even aware. Those of us who follow the news and tech sites will know about the current state of affairs regarding this issue, but the avarage user probably doesn’t. I know from the span of my friends, family and colleagues on the site only a small handful are “power users” that follow anything beyond that goes on beyond their wall posts, the rest are happily oblivious to there being an issue. I can’t see there being a mass flocking to any “competitors” just yet. What are your thoughts?


Did you know the old £20 note is starting to be withdrawn from circulation? Time to clear out the old matress and get your old notes exchanged for new ones.

Engagement & Welcome Home Becky Party

Tomorrow night is the party we are having in town to celebrate my and Pete’s engagement, and also to welcome home my cousin, Becky, who’s moved back home after living in London for 3 years. Hopefully we have a good night with friends and family. I’ll take pictures.