Turning 30, Sandra, Race for Life, Twilight: Eclipse

firstly… Cheezburger love: Hello little bionic kitty! And what I think is a pretty smart parrot.

I’m turning 30 next month. I may or may not be having a party. Pete and Becky want to organise one but I’ve told them I don’t want to be involved in the arrangement. I always feel there is a lot of pressure to have a good time on your birthday, so I always try to approach it that “what will be, will be”. It’s just another day, if it turns out great, wonderful, but I’m not going to try force it. But with it being a milestone, I would obviously like to do something special. I know Pete has plans to take me away on holiday somewhere, which I’m most excited about. It might be Ireland as we’ve previously discussed going there, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m excited for it all though. I don’t like the idea of leaving my 20s, but at the same time I’ve never felt more confident or happy with who I am so it’s not all bad.

My Aunty Sandra is still really ill. She seems to be doing better than initially antisipated. It’s a tough existance for her though, and she needs a lot or care. We take every day as it comes.

I saw Twilight: Eclipse last Saturday. It was brilliant. It was nicely true to the book and I welled up twice. I LOVED New Moon, but I love this one more. The acting was better, more emotional, and the love between Edward and Bella seemed more truely reflected as in the book at last. This time you really know and understand how much they love each other. There were also some incredible kissing scenes. Hot! Seiing it again on Sunday.

I’m taking part in Race for Life on 20th July with Becky, Jane and Janine to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. We are doing it in Memory of my cousin Ange who passed in 2008, but now with her Mum, My Aunty Sandra, also battling cancer it’s all the more personal to us. I’d really appreciate any sponsorship you could offer. Check it out: Sponsor me!